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Wellos Laundry washing Ball
Frequently Questions :
Q: How much money could I save by using Wellos Laundry Ball ?
A: You can save $440 or more during the life time (1,000 washes) of a single Wellos Laundry Ball just on detergent, bleach & fabric softener. Wellos Laundry Ball costs $0.03 per wash - $30 for 1,000 washes. Using detergent, bleach & fabric softener costs about $0.50 per wash - $500 for 1,000 washes. The cost of Wellos Laundry Ball can be recouped after 68 washes. You also get more savings on utility bills for water, gas & electricity. Plus, you help to reduce water pollution!
Q: How does Wellos Laundry Ball work ?
A:The various components of Wellos Laundry Ball are engineered to optimize your water for laundry. And Wellos Laundry Ball's unique design physically stimulates your clothes to make for better laundry results.
Q: What else does Wellos Laundry Ball do ?
A:It also removes chlorine from your water, prevents lime build-up inside your washing machine and it kills up to 99.9% of germs and other harmful pathogens.
Q: How many Wellos Laundry Ball should I use ?
A: First, check your washing machine's capacity. Rule of thumb is 1 Wellos Laundry Ball for 12 LBS capacity. So if you washing machine's capacity is under 12 Lbs, use 1 Wellos Laundry Ball. If it's 24 LBS, use 2 Wellos Laundry Ball and so on.
Q: How long does Wellos Laundry Ball last ?
A:Up to 1,000 washes based on doing one laundry each day.
Q: How do I take care of Wellos Laundry Ball?
A:Take Wellos Laundry Ball out and let it dry under the sun, every 2 weeks.
Q: How does Wellos Laundry Ball help save water ?
A:Using Wellos Laundry Ball means little of no use of detergent or bleach. You'll find that you only need to rinse your laundry once, instead of 2 or more times. This not only saves your time doing laundry, but it also means savings on water, gas and electricity. AND the best part is that you are also helping to reduce water pollution.
Q: Can people with sensitive skin or skin allergies use Wellos Laundry Ball ?
A:Wellos Laundry Ball allows you to use little or no chemical detergents while doing your wash, so it's great for sensitive skins.
Q: Can I use with drum type washing machines ?
A:Yes, Wellos Laundry Ball is designed to be used with both DRUM type washing machines and with FRONT LOADING type washing machines.
Q: Would soaking before starting the wash cycle help ?
A:Soaking helps a lot. If you can, let it soak for 45-60 minutes before starting the wash cycle.
Q: What's the body of Wellos Laundry Ball made of ?
A:We use non-toxic, FDA compliant thermoplastic material from USA.
Q: What's inside Wellos Laundry Ball?
A:There are 5 different types of high quality ceramic balls inside Wellos Laundry Ball, each with its own unique function. All of these ceramic balls are produced in Korea with top-of-line materials. Plus, there are very powerful magnets inside Wellos Laundry Ball which enhance the effectiveness of the 5 different ceramic balls.
Q: What type of fabrics can be washed with Wellos Laundry Ball ?
A:Any fabric. But for extra delicate fabric, it's recommended that Wellos Laundry Ball is to be removed before the rinse cycle.
Q : Would Wellos Laundry Ball affect the color of my clothes ?
A : No, Wellos Laundry Ball will not affect the color of any normal fabric. By reducing the chemicals left behind by detergents, Wellos Laundry Ball actually helps to bring out the original color of your clothes.
Q: Do I need to add fabric softener or bleach ?
A:No. Wellos Laundry Ball helps to soften fabric by itself. So normally you would not need to add more chemicals such as bleach or fabric softener. But if you still need extra bleaching, try adding a tablespoon of baking soda instead.
Q: Why is using chemical detergents such a bad thing ?
A:Most of the harmful chemicals in detergents do not go away after they leave your home. They will go on to lakes, rivers & oceans and remain there for a very long time and cause havoc with our eco system. Studies found that a family of 4 can use up to 100 LBS or more of washing detergents every year. We have around 100 million families in USA alone. Multiply that by the number of families on our planet & you can imagine the sheer volume of pollution caused by washing detergents. Many of the chemicals used in detergents are very powerful and potentially toxic. These chemicals can damage your skin and cause allergies. So powerful that even after rinsing your clothes 5 times, you'd still have a lot of chemical left on your clothes. So by doing laundry with chemical detergents you and your family could be in contact with these unwanted chemicals.

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