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Wellos Fresh Ball
Feature of Wellos Fresh Ball :
  • FRESH BALL keeps your fridge smelling fresh and clean
  • FRESH BALL removes unplesant odors
  • FRESH BALL keeps food fresh longer
  • FRESH BALL keeps away harmful germs and other pathogens
  • FRESH BALL is made with eco-friendly, natural materials
  • FRESH BALL helps your fridge to work more efficiently
Facts of Wellos Fresh Ball :
  • With proper use and handling, FRESH BALL can be used up to 3 years
  • FRESH BALL is safe because it does not contain any harmful chemicals or other materials
  • FRESH BALL has specially formulated ceramic balls made of 100% natural materials
  • Made in Korea
Care of Wellos Fresh Ball :
  1. Take FRESH BALL out and let it sit in a sunlit, well-ventilated place for 24 hours
    a) About once a month under normal conditions
    b) After extended period of rain or when odor returns
  2. Do not put FRESH BALL into water as this will render FRESH BALL unsuable
  3. Use dry, clean fabric to clean the surface of FRESH BALL

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